December 2016 Enrichment Rotation Plans

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Garden – Miss Christa and Mr. Wheeler – All About Plants

Students will be leplantstructurearning about the internal and external parts of plants through investigation, observation, dissection and consumption. We will observe the life cycle of plants, plant structures, adaptations and the plants humans use. Students continue to develop skills of recording observations and data to support conclusions.

We are prepping the gardens for our winter and spring plantings and continue to harvest our last summer’s crops. This fall, students planted cool season crops such as rainbow chard, kale, broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts. In December, we will be enjoying these nutritious greens, both cooked and raw, along with the remnants of our summer tomatoes, bell peppers and basil on homemade pizzas.  Yum!

Music Education – Mr Jake – Winter Performance

This month in Music is a short one but packed with activity and excitement as we practice for the holiday show!  Our listening journal for this month is Vivaldi’s “Winter” from the Four Seasons. We will be listening for musical cues that remind us of this chilly, wonderful season!winterperf

Kindergartners — practicing “Noche De Paz” and “Christmas Don’t Be Late”. We will also be having some fun walking the major scale with our floor pianos.
First graders — practicing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” and “Feliz Navidad”. We will also be practicing playing some favorite holiday songs on boomwhackers.
Second graders — practicing “White Christmas” and “Must Be Santa”. We will also be playing some holiday songs on boomwhackers.
Third Graders — practicing “O Tannenbaum” and “Mele Kalikimaka”. We will be trying to play holiday melodies on piano and boomwhackers.
Fourth Graders — practicing “The Dreidel Song” and “Ocho Kandelikas”. We also be practicing reading music and playing recorder together.
Fifth Graders — practicing “Winter Wonderland” and “Rockin around the Christmas Tree”. We will be practicing reading music and playing harmonica together.
Sixth Graders — practicing playing “Silver Bells” on guitars and ukes and then singing “Jingle Bell Rock”. We will practice playing through chord progressions in groups.

Physical Education(PE) – Miss Siggy – Focus on Basketball Skills

Each PEC rotation is an excellent opportunity for students to practice PEC’s SafeResponsibleRespectfulFlexible(SRRF) values. Physical education(PE) classes teach rules of the game, individual skills, techniques and strategies. Our goal at PEC is for students to learn this while being Safe, Responsible, Respectful and Flexible. Hopefully, through a variety of activities boys and girls learn to value physical activity and health, challenge themselves and have

This December we are developing our basketball skills. Through games and activities kids practice their coordination and ball handling skills; passing, dribbling and shooting. At the older age group, basketball is another fun way to develop offensive and defensive, strategies, cooperation and fitness.

Art Education – Miss Becky – Mask Masking and the Inspiration of “The Snowy Day”

Sixth graders have been working on one of the most loved projects of the year… mask making! Each student casts their partners face in gauze and plaster, a very messy but fun lesson for all. This month they’ll explore traditional Chinese mask making and color theory. From this, they will then paint and decorate their masks to reflect their own personalities. Look for the finished masks to make an appearance in the office after Winter Break!
snowy-day snowydayart
Several grades are exploring watercolor techniques and collage as seen in Ezra Jack Keats’, ‘The Snowy Day’. Keats was not only the author of this beautiful story, but he was the artist as well. Students learned that simple materials, like crayon or salt, can transform an ordinary painting into something quite extraordinary. Look for these works on display in the office now!

Yoga – Miss Ashley and Miss Edwards

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