End of Year 2017 Enrichment Plans

End or Year 2017 Enrichment Plans – Check out Last Month’s Plans

Physical Education – Miss Siggy

Congratulations to the fifth grade students for completing the California state physical fitness test. They all worked very hard to prepare for success. Well done!  Read more about FITNESSGRAM.

PE enrichment time this year has been dedicated to improving fitness through fun, expanding body movement and skills, and developing strategy through teamwork and cooperation. Students will spend the reminder of the year staying fit with aerobic exercise and strength training, while also exploring some new games like noodle hockey, steal the bacon and cops and robbers. It is a great time of year to reward students with some choice activities and revisit some favorite games and fun.

Art – Miss Becky

End of Year in the Art Room

thegreatwaveStudents have been busy since returning from Spring Break getting all of their work ready for the PEC Art Show that happened on April 28th during Open House. Can you believe 630 students had their artwork on display? The MPR looked amazing and truly showcased all the creativity and learning that has taken place through out the year. See some of the artwork here.

As the year winds down, the Art Room is still busy as 4th graders prepare for California Days by making their telegraphs and safety deposit boxes. Kindergartners will take their art outside to create the ever-popular Jackson Pollack splatter paint t-shirts.

In honor of Asian American Heritage Month, 1st and 2nd graders turn to clay to learn some basic hand building and glazing techniques to create their very own Japanese teacup. Third graders will learn how to make Gyotaku prints, a traditional form of printmaking once used by Japanese fisherman to record the size of their catch, which has now become a true art form. While learning about the extraordinary work of Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai, 5th graders will recreate his famous work, The Great Wave. Time permitting, we will also try to fit in Chinese paper masks, an Origami sculpture project and a colorful collage in the style of Takashi Murakami.

Last but not least, 6th graders will begin work on the Class of 2016-17 tile wall. This year, students will use a technique called Cuerda Seca to paint a personalized tile to be included on the wall. PEC parents who have a graduating 6th grader are welcome to paint a tile, as well! Contact me at becky.kay@eusd.net for more info.


 Yoga – Miss Ashley and Mrs. Edwards

On-the-mat:  Finishing out the school year in yoga we are exploring balancing and grounding poses, along with moving with
breath, concentration and focus. We really enjoyed working with the students in March and April on Cooperation and

aprilmayjuneyogaIn-the-world:  Our upcoming World Ready Skills are Resourcefulness, Collaboration and Responsibility.

Resourcefulness is the ability to find solutions to problems or deal with difficult situations.
“I am a creative thinker and not afraid of challenges”
Activity: The Round Trip by Ann Jonas

Collaboration is working together with others to achieve a common goal.
“I can be stronger with the help of others.”
Activity: Yoga Chain Spelling

Responsibility is being accountable, trustworthy, and doing the right thing.
“I make thoughtful decisions and keep my promises.”

 Music – Mr Jake

The school year may be winding down but in Music we are focusing on some serious musical skills that have been a school-year in the making! Here’s a little of what we’re working on:

These Kindergartners have had more music education time than any other Kinder class since I have been at PEC and will be finishing the year singing and getting their wiggles out! They have been singing songs for Earth Day, as well as Mother’s Day and Father’s day! They are also enjoying the Moving Month of May and are having a blast with activities that get their bodies moving to Music like Pop-see-ko and other GoNoodle songs!

First Grade:
First graders are learning all about Harmony! They will be playing through simple songs, like “On Top of Spaghetti”, using Boomwhacker chord groups. They will be putting the whole year’s worth of music together as they feel and play on the beat, build harmony with chords, and carry a melody with their voices!

Second Grade:
Second graders will be exploring note intervals and learning how to build harmony on Orff instruments like marimba and xylophone. We are using math skills like odd and even number patterns to identify harmonious note combinations and think about our musical alphabet with numbers! We will also be playing through 3-chord songs like “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” using multiple instruments and voices!

Third Grade:
Third graders will be taking those musical math skills to piano and exploring the world of harmony there! They will be using their piano skills and Orff instruments to play through some fun songs like the Zootopia/Shakira hit “Try Everything”! They will be developing their musical vocabulary as well as they try to describe music from around the world for a fun World Music Listening Month!

Fourth Grade:
Fourth graders have already completed more belts in their Recorder Karate packets than any classes before them and I am very impressed with how hard they’ve worked! After coming back from Spring break, we continued working on Ode to Joy, line by line, and finished it in the first week of May! They will continue working to earn a belt for “Amazing Grace” (brown belt) and will continue rehearsing for the California Days musical in June!

Fifth Grade:
Fifth graders have been DEVOURING harmonica music and are giving me a run for my money as I continually have to write out more music for them! From folk tunes like “Oh My Darlin’ Clementine” to Bach’s “Minuet”, they are showing tenacity and huge growth on the C Diatonic Harmonica. Some are even working on single-hole technique which is quite the challenge! This instrument is not only great for lung health, but it is a uniquely cheap and portable instrument that develops ear-training and musicianship! (Hint, Hint-it makes a great musical present, parents!)

Sixth Grade:
Sixth graders are finally getting split between beginner and advanced groups and will be given separate songs to work on that will develop their chord-changing skills as well as their repertoire of songs! Beginner groups will be learning songs like The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” that help them learn new chords, while Advanced groups will be learning songs like The Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black” that combine guitar riffs and rapid chord changes. The main focus is to allow these students to enjoy their last weeks of music at PEC and send them on to middle school with all the skills they need to make the guitar their lifelong musical companion!

Garden – Miss Christa and Mr Wheeler

gardenmayThe spring garden is taking off!  Students are enjoying all the creatures that are taking up residence.  Birds and bugs are showing up all over the place.  Some are helpful to the garden and some hinder our food production.  Students will continue to learn about garden helpers and garden pests.We will take notice of the conditions that support the creatures and work out solutions to discourage pests and encourage helpers.

Students will be learning about seed saving, propagating and cloning plants.  We will be celebrating earth week by utilizing used lunch trays to make biodegradable pots in which students will propagate succulents, mint, geraniums, and tomatoes. Students will also learn about proper pruning of plants to maximize crop yield.
We will also continue to look at how we use plants, the parts of plants we use and how plants are necessary for survival and comforts.
The edible garden is in full swing and students will have opportunities to work with their class to create a garden meal using our wood fired oven.