PEC NightTime Fundraiser

PEC 2018 Nighttime Fundraiser – Buy Tickets Online
April 28, 2018

What is the Nighttime Fundraiser(NTF)?

The Nighttime Fundraiser is an annual event sponsored by the PEC PTA that is  intended to raise funds in order to support the Art, Music, Physical Education and Garden Lab Programs.  The NTF is the 3rd Give. This is when and where the larger community gives to PEC in the form of auction items that can raise money for our school.

Last year we had a blast, and we raised $55,000 for our school.

We are already planning our 2018 NTF, and we need your help.
Donate time, volunteer to help us plan.
Donate auction items or food and drink for the event.

We seek to showcase our talented, generous community– the businesses we own and patronize– at this event. So, start thinking about ways that you can contribute.

Ways That You Can Contribute

If you can seek donations or items from any of the following, please complete the NTF Solicitation & NTF Donation Letters available at the bottom of this page.

  • You regularly go to a restaurant, grocery store, gym, beauty salon, nail salon, dessert store, book store, gym, coffee shop, kids dance/sports activities and can speak with the manager and ask if they would be interested in donating an auction item.
  • You know folks who have a time share, a vacation home, sports season tickets, theater/symphony season tickets.
  • You have friends who are celebrities and may donate a piece of memorabilia or a fun activity (round of golf, etc.).
  • You have a skill/service or can host an activity–rock climbing, surfing, cooking, gardening, painting, house cleaning, photography, yoga, music.
  • You have a local business that would like the extra exposure–real estate firm, dental office, estate planning, etc.
  • You received a nice present that just isn’t your style or something you already have–a new, unopened small appliance, designer bag/clothing, kid’s toy, furniture, etc.


Thank you!