Special Movie Presentation and Guest Jeremy P McGhee – Open to Public – Jan 31st at 5:30PM in the MPR

Drop IN: Bloody Couloir Documentary by Jeremy P McGhee

On Tuesday evening at 5:30PM in the MPR, there will be a screening of the Drop IN:Blood Couloir documentary.  300 people max in the MPR, so first come, first serve.  5th graders will be selling food in order to raise money for their overnight trip to the Star of India.  Open to the public!

“There is something about feeling small, against the grandeur of nature, that has become addicting to me. This takes getting out there, into the wilderness, exploring and satisfying a deep-seeded need for adventure. Getting off the pavement has proven difficult for me though, living life in a wheelchair.” -Jeremy

In the summer of 2012, Jeremy became the first paraplegic to climb and descend a major back country ski route in the Eastern Sierras and, in this presentation, recounts the pitfalls and triumphs of this grand expedition. He will share how he was able to overcome the obstacles in his own mind and how this can relate to our every day lives. Hopefully you laugh and cry and leave wanting to go live the adventure yourself!

Donations gratefully accepted.

Read more about Jeremy: http://www.jeremymcghee.com/about

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