Profiles in Giving #1

Person Profiled  Sara R.sarar-profilesingiving

Are you a PEC parent? Yes
If yes, since when?
Since 2012 (our middle son was in fourth grade)

What inspires you about PEC?

I like the desire at PEC to be innovative, to provide a space where students of all learning styles can thrive, and the emphasis on health and wellness. The chickens, the art, Spanish immersion and music programs, and the Farmers’ Market (partnership with the city) particularly inspire me! 😀

What motivates you to give to PEC?

I give to PEC because I am grateful.  I see teachers giving up their free time to invest in my kids. I see retired professors donating their time to teach science to third graders, and talented artists taking time off work to open up a new world to students beyond just reading and writing (which are important as well!). I see parents and teachers go above and beyond every single day because they believe in our kids and want the best education and experience for them.  We are blessed to live in a town full of people with resources and skills. Not every school is so fortunate. I am grateful every time I see those resources and skills used to invest in kids and in the future.  I give what I can because I want to be a part of that community that cares.

What have you given to PEC in the last year or more? 

We often see the word “give,” and think of time or money.  People without time might feel pressured or feel guilty that they don’t have a lot to give in that area.  People without a lot of money might feel embarrassed or also guilty.  To give to the school and to the community is so much bigger than that.  The quote “many hands make light work” is a motto proven true time and again.

Giving is a joy when you recognize that you have something unique to offer.  It might be money, it might be a lot of time, or a little.  It might be as large as running the PTA or donating 10,000 dollars. It might be as little as donating grapes to the teacher lunch or doing a half hour shift at the Spring Carnival.

I do part time catering and also get to stay home with our three boys who are spread out between high school, middle school, and at PEC.  We give money where we can (Jogathon, PTA membership) but food and time tend to be where I give the most.  I have catered the teacher lunch for the past four years and have recently taken on the week of teacher appreciation.

We donated a four course dinner party to the silent auction a couple years ago. I volunteer in the art room and donate cakes to the cake walk each spring.  I keep my eye out for things that I can help with, even if often I am unable to.  I have helped with book fair, Fall Social, Spring Carnival, Art, Music, California Days, Garden, and occasional special classroom events like Dr. Seuss Day and Heritage Day.

I don’t feel guilty when I can’t do something but I am grateful when I can!  If we all gave something, no matter how little, I think we’d be amazed at what we could accomplish.