Ability Awareness Week is March 25 to March 29, 2019. We have 3 speakers who will share their stories with the students, in 2 different assemblies during the day. Thursday evening March 28 we are hosting a screening of Jeremy McGhee’s movie, “Drop In – Bloody Couloir”  at 5:30pm in the PEC MPR. Jeremy will be available after the 65 minute movie for Q & A, and to sign movie posters. Learn more about our presenters below.

Chris Anguiano (“Blind Guy Chris”)

On July 9, 2009, he was the victim of “mistaken identity”, and assaulted. He suffered a brain injury, and lost his sight. In his words: “I woke up just 3 months later. I couldn’t move my body at all, and that’s where rehabilitation came into play. The doctor told my parents I would never walk or talk or live a normal life. I showed everyone though and I think I proved science wrong that I’m walking and talking. I feel like I’m living a normal life, though maybe not 100% normal, but enough to cope with the things I need to do in this life where I give back to my community and wherever I’m giving a speech. I want to give inspiration to others to show them that without blood, sweat, and tears, I would not be where I am at today.”

Jeremy McGhee

In the summer of 2012, Jeremy became the first paraplegic to climb and descend a major back country ski route in the Eastern Sierras and, in this presentation, recounts the pitfalls and triumphs of this grand expedition. He will share how he was able to overcome the obstacles in his own mind and how this can relate to our every day lives. Hopefully you laugh and cry and leave wanting to go live the adventure yourself! View the trailer here.

Marilyn Quinsaat

Marilyn Quinsaat began her career as an educator teaching elementary school at the Oceanside Unified School District. She then spent decades teaching teachers how to use technology in the classroom, as well as published dozens to educational software and multimedia titles for schools. On the side, Marilyn developed her love for music and the bass in particular, performing in a few bands in the San Diego area.

In 2013, Marilyn suffered a brain bleed which resulted in a stroke, leaving her left-side hemiparesis. She used the knowledge on brain plasticity as part of her recovery and rehabilitation. The power of music enabled her to approach her goals of moving her fingers, hands and arms, and getting back to playing music. Click here to see how playing an instrument benefits your brain.