Fiesta Act Approval Schedule

showusyourtalentThe Act Approval Schedule below, If your child is in a group with another child that is highlighted in red, please submit a completed permission form to the office.  Permission forms are available in the office or can be downloaded here.

Mr. Jake will be providing a keyboard/piano and microphones.  Please meet in the MPR directly after school. We look forward to seeing all the exciting acts that the children have been preparing!

Please direct all questions to Deirdre Ransavage,

May 3rd
  • Forest Apuzzo (piano)
  • Griffin Spears (Piano)
  • Bennett Stewart (Piano)
  • Griffith Stewart (Drum kit/marimba- turkey in straw?)
  • Katherine Ransavage (song)
  • Leucadia (Lucy) Sheehan (singing)
  • Rowan McFadden (Violin)
  • Claire Nieto, Soraya D’Acre, Ava Reed (dance routine)
  • Makayla Conley & Payton Gaspar (cheer)
  • Quincy Coward, Olivia Contreas, Edie Pizitz (2 keyboards, 1 bass & 1 microphone)
  • Cora Sheibe (ukulele- lava song)
  • Greta Baggins, Caroline Wagner, Talia Tashoff (band/dance/acrobatics?)
  • Marcus Cyr & Malcolm Masuda-Kalek (piano & singing)
  • Thaleia Tsintikidou (singing Another Day in the Sun with CD as background music)
  • Isabella Cyr, Gracie Camacho & Celia Hughes, Mika Sparopoulos (singing and dancing)
  • Fiona Austin (singing and dancing)
  • Otto Baggins (guitar/bass/drums/vocals)
  • Robbie Main (comedy)
  • Benicio Rivera (monologue/guitar performance)
  • Keiko & Ayu Denlinger (dance)
  • Kellen Marcuca, Grant Marcuca, Nathan Fayyazuddin (band trio)

 May 4th

  • Jillian Thorp (Singing)
  • Kazuki Girand (Sing & Play Guitar)
  • Bella Neill, Abi Hill, Aki Jackson & Saige Sinkovich (Bare Necessities w/ ukulele)
  • Layya Stearman, Sienna Shelly, Maya Lucier, Camille Ignion (singing)
  • Shea Reva, Nina Brogiollo, Kiana Aliotta (song & dance to How Far I’ll Go)
  • London Lantz, Mary Beth Pruett, Riley Kleiber & Zetta Coward (Cups)
  • Chloe Hines (piano)
  • Lillian Davenport (sing & dance)
  • Maya Plutner, Layya, Siena Shelley & Cassidy West (singing and dancing)
  • Berlin Shelley, Sydney Lupier & Misha Stearman (dance)
  • Alessio Pirazzini (Ballet, Folklorico)

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