Garden April 2013

So I wrote my last entry back in March and have saved it in the computer and realized I never posted it.  Well, actually not true I just had to stop and think to myself about what I was writing and am I doing the things I write?  Have I been living to my full potential?  I have taken sometime away from writing here only because I needed too.  I needed to stop and look around and take some things in.  I needed to think about my actions.  I needed to think about why I do the things I do.  Again, am I living or doing the things in my life to my fullest potential?  Do you live your life to the fullest by leading it with love?   Love is the positive force in life and everything you want to be, have, or do comes from love which again harnesses the positive force in your life.

The last several months have been a bit of a growing phase for me.  I have met some extraordinary people along the way and made some realizations.  In life you have to continue to work on yourself everyday.  Just like your own business, just like your garden.  If you don’t water or weed everyday then you won’t have the best vegetables out there.  If you are not working on growing your business everyday or improving on certain things than your competition will get ahead of you and you will not succeed.  If you are not working on you everyday, how can you make yourself better not just for others but for yourself?

Now, I am not talking about just one aspect of you here folks.  I am speaking about the whole picture.  I love trying to heal within with food, and I love trying to heal within with soul searching.  Maybe, take        Yoga classes for a few weeks and juice fresh fruit and vegetables and see how your body responds.  Maybe try reading some great books that are available, maybe try what I wrote back in March about the sunset or hike and see how that feels.  Maybe have that dinner with your partner and enjoy a few quiet moments together and put aside the negatives and look at the positives or maybe reach out to an old friend and say hello and catch up.  Maybe reach deep inside of you and do some soul searching and figure out you.

Everyday, people tangle with their lives and try to figure it all out.  My friends call me weekly and tell me how they hate their jobs, have no time, super stressed, always in debt, yet all make six figure incomes.  Amazing right?  “I’m living the dream,” one said to me the other day sarcastically.  They tell me they haven’t figured it all out either, and still have a lot of soul searching to do as well.

One of the most amazing things I have figured out over this period has been structure.  When I made Dean’s List back in college I reflected on how I made it there.  I had structure.  I was on a strict schedule of what I needed to do daily and by following that I was able to enjoy a competitive season on the rugby team and focus on grades.  As I continue to grow the program, School as a Garden, sometimes I know I need to reflect back to those days and put more emphasis on a strict schedule and structure not only for the success of the program but for the success in my own personal life.

I did the same thing when I grew a small boutique surf brand from 1 account to 25 accounts nationwide in less than 3 years.  I followed a structured routine daily.  However, I wonder when our structure become too strict and we fail to live and allow other things or people in.  There just needs to be a balance.  Where can you find balance in your life? Well, as I say down in the garden, “Come watch us GROW! What about you?”

Mr. Hank


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