Art Show and Open House are 4/28. Volunteers Needed for Set up.

The Art Show is going up NEXT WEEK, and we need your help to display this great art work. Please see this link to sign up and connect with a small team from your class. Select Art, mount on large display panels, and label art. The guidelines below will also be available for your reference during set up times in both locations.

Assemble your class team to work at any of the following times:

Multi Purpose Room : 4/26, 4/27, 4/28 from 8-9am and after 2:20pm


The art room is free to assemble panels:
Tuesday 4/26 from 9am-2pm

Volunteers can also use the area behind the art room at any time to
work on panels, there are folding tables in the PTA shed we can use.

Art Show Set-Up

1. Please make labels for each class. You can make them by hand or using a standard mailing label and print them out (no last names!). Becky can provide printer labels if needed. Each label should be white, measure approx. 1”x2.5” and include the following: Student First Name, Teacher Name, Grade

2. When choosing student projects, feel free to pick a variety of artwork. All artwork can be found in the Art Room (Room 10), class bins are clearly labeled. Ceramic projects are on carts. Becky will hang/install special projects.

Please pick out the following number of projects for each grade:

Max. 2 artworks per student
2 large panels per class

O’Keeffe Ceramic Flowers
1 square table per class, please label ceramics

1 artwork per student
3 small panels per class

1 artwork per student
3 small panels per class

Max. 2 artworks per student
2 large panels per class

1 artwork per student and Quilts
3 large panels per class

2 artworks per student
4 small panels per class

3. If possible, mount artwork on construction paper using white glue (not glue sticks). Feel free to use supplies from the Art Room. To pick a color of construction paper, I suggest finding a dominant color in the artwork and going with that color of construction paper. Place the name label in the bottom right hand corner.

4. Assemble artwork onto ‘panels’ using black butcher paper found in the workroom next to the cafeteria. Use a long reach stapler to attach the artwork if possible or glue gun. All supplies are in the Art Room. Store panels on the stage of the MPR.

The Art Room is used almost everyday after school by other programs, so tables must remain clean.

Measurements for panels are as follows:
Large Panel: 3 ft. x 9 ft. Small Panel: 21”x 88”

5. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Thank you so much!!!!
Laurie Switzer and Guusje Bendeler Volunteers
Becky Black, Art Literacy Teacher

Our Partners

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