What is The Fall Give?
First of the Three Gives where families donate to Paul Ecke

Why Give?
Your donations support Garden Lab, Music, Art, P.E., Field Trips, School Equipment, Safety Monitors, Math Intervention and more. This includes staff salaries and benefits. (Pretty amazing, right?)

How Much?
We ask for $250 per student, but ANY amount helps! If you cannot donate right now, please consider sharing your talents and time with PEC. It truly takes a village.

How to Give?c
Fill out the short Fall Give form and drop a check off at the front office or donate using PayPal. Note, checks are best since Paypal takes a small processing fee (But, we love anyway that works best for you!)

How Amazing Are You?
VERY! We are filled with pride being a part of the Paul Ecke community. Family generosity and dedication blow us away. We couldn’t do this without you!

Pro Tip …
Check with your employer to see if they’ll match your donation. It’s twice as nice!