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Paul Ecke Central is an inclusive community where we develop creative and adaptive lifelong learners who can thrive in the modern world. We expose our children to a diverse range of experiences and perspectives. Art, Science, Garden Lab, PE, and Music, help them to become well-rounded individuals. These subjects are an important part of PEC. However, they are not paid for solely by tax dollars or the public school system. We rely on parents like all of us to give generously of our time, skills, and money. Our contributions– of time and money– make our school a unique, wonderful, and inclusive learning community.


Art, Science, Garden Lab, PE, and Music cost more than $250 per student, per year. You can help raise the funds for these programs by donating money and time. PEC’s community is built on values like inclusion, diversity, and acceptance. We understand that there is no “one size fits all” donation that suits every family or situation. Giving to PEC   can mean donating time towards fundraising efforts and event planning. Giving of time and skill is vital and valuable to our community. To get involved in helping us raise much-needed funds, contact us at to participate.

We hope that you will give generously of your time and money. We aim for 100% participation in our community!


Donate time: Join our giving community by volunteering your time to help organize fundraising efforts and events.
Donate money: Join our giving community by donating money. Every dollar counts and helps support our children’s education.

PEC fundraising is organized around The 3 Gives, each of which serves a different purpose and depends upon a different group of givers.

 1st Give                                                                 2nd Give

3rd Give








$140,000– what we need to raise each year. $250 per child- what it costs to offer Art, Science, Garden Lab, PE, Music and more as part of our annual educational offerings.

Please Give.

Your child will thank you.

CLICK HERE to donate online, safely and easily, and for a 100% tax-deductible contribution
Or, write a check to “PEC PTA” and drop it off at the School’s front office.
Cash is also accepted at the School’s front office.

Questions? Please email Jessica Pressman and Carolina Caso (co-VPs of Fundraising) at