Fundraising Status


FALL GIVING - Goal = $75K


JOG-A-THON - Goal = $60K



Our fundraising strategy is organized around The 3 Gives – 3 “asks” during the school year – each of which have a specific funding purpose, group of givers, and lesson learned by participating.


The start of the school year is full of hope and promise. It is also the start of our Fall Giving Campaign – The 1st Give, when we ask all families to invest in the future of our children by investing in our school. 

California public funding does not fund all of PEC’s educational programs and specialized teachers. Specifically, the Fall Giving Campaign is how we raise money to pay for GARDEN LAB, ART, MUSIC, P.E., and SCIENCE but also field trips, teacher needs, and more.

We aim for 100% participation from our PEC community, so no amount is too small. Please give and give generously.

All donations to the Fall Giving Campaign Fund are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Tax # ID is 330617998.

Please ask your company’s HR group about employee matching funds. This great and easy opportunity to raise more money for our school; view this list of companies that match to see if yours is on it.

There are multiple ways to donate. The first option listed is preferred since there are no transaction fees involved.
  • Cash or check written to PEC PTA. Drop off in School office with English/Spanish form – no fee
  • Donate online via Paul Ecke Central PayPal here – 2.2% per transaction + 30 cent fee
  • Donate online via Paul Ecke Central GoFundMe here – 2.9% per transaction + 30 cent fee
  • Opt for a Paypal monthly payment here – 2.2% per transaction + 30 cent fee


Every year our children raise funds for PEC by jogging as many laps as they can in exchange for financial contributions by friends and family members. The event teaches students responsibility, promotes health and physical activity, and shows our children the importance of following through. It is also lots of fun!

Click here to set up your donation page:


What is the Nighttime Fundraiser(NTF)?

The Nighttime Fundraiser is an annual event sponsored by the Paul Ecke Central Elementary PTA that is intended to raise funds in order to support the Art, Music, Physical Education and Garden Lab Programs. The NTF is the 3rd Give. This is when and where the larger community gives to PEC in the form of auction items that can raise money for our school.

Last year 200 people attended and we had a blast, and we raised $50,000 for our school.

This year’s Nighttime Fundraiser will be on May 16, 2020. Save the date!

The NTF is a lot of work and we need your help! Donate time by volunteering to help with planning or the day of event. Email if interested. 

If you have an auction item to donate please fill out the form here 

We seek to showcase our talented, generous community– the businesses we own and patronize– at this event. So, start thinking about ways that you can contribute.

Ways You Can Contribute

If you can seek sponsorships or auction items from any of the following, please complete the NTF Auction Item Form.

You Can Also Support the NTF If:

  • You regularly go to a restaurant, grocery store, gym, beauty salon, nail salon, dessert store, book store, gym, coffee shop, kids dance/sports activities and can speak with the manager and ask if they would be interested in donating an auction item.
  • You know folks who have a time share, a vacation home, sports season tickets, theater/ symphony season tickets.
  • You have friends who are celebrities and may donate a piece of memorabilia or a fun activity (round of golf, etc.).
  • You have a skill/service or can host an activity–rock climbing, surfing, cooking, gardening, painting, house cleaning, photography, yoga, music.
  • You have a local business that would like the extra exposure–real estate firm, dental office, estate planning, etc.
  • You received a nice present that just isn’t your style or something you already have–a new, unopened small appliance, designer bag/clothing, kid’s toy, furniture, etc.