BOOST is an organization that was established in the spring of 2019 to help support Paul Ecke families who needed a little boost during the year with some sort of short term immediate assistance. Generally, this came in the form of financial assistance, gas and grocery cards, and clothing and shoe donations.`

Starting in the 2019-2020 school year, Boost expanded to Ocean Knoll and partnered with Venture Church to help distribute weekly backpacks of non-perishable grocery items to families in need at both schools. At the beginning of March each school was serving about 25 families. With the uncertainty of the pandemic lingering, the number of families needing help continues to grow. Each week Boost, along with Venture Church and the CRC, provide groceries and gift cards to families in the Paul Ecke Community. To date, BOOST serves over 100(?) families and has distributed over ? bags of food and $? in gift cards.
Our hearts swell with appreciation for our generous community that continues to support those in need. We still have more work to do to keep our BOOST families fed. Please click on the button below to donate directly to BOOST. #PECinthistogether

If you would like to join the BOOST Team or have any questions regarding the BOOST Team, please email

To donate to the BOOST program, click the button below and select BOOST.