Garden Update 2/8/13

“The purpose of your life is to discover your gift.”  David Viscott

“What is your gift?”   We all have been given a gift in life, yet do we all live our life to the fullest and share our gift.

Ask yourself this, “How many times have I been sidetracked by something or worse by someone?”  Did we choose to forget what we were here to do or did we care not to face our ultimate potential?

We become what we think and we are free to think anything we want and at the same time become what we want.  Our mind has unlimited potential and healing powers yet many of us fail to use it properly or to our fullest potential.  I wonder if it has become a learned behavior from early on in our lives.  Perhaps childhood, hhmm I wonder.

As parents we are to encourage our children, “C’mon You can walk, just one more step…I know you can talk c’mon say daddy one more time,” during those early stages of life yet for many it becomes, “Could you please sit and be quiet” when they get older or even closer to teens..  Why?  I suggest allowing our children to build on their positive ideas and energy for what they are.  Do we know what they might become?  Do we know?

In a society guided by red marks on test scores and homework assignments when a child gets it wrong doesn’t allow the real learning or perhaps the real potential to shine through. Anthony Robbins says, “When you hit a plateau you have to be willing to get a little worse before you get massively better.”  I say you always have to take 2-3 steps back in order to take 7 steps forward.  Someone once said you can’t get up if you are not willing to fall down.

I love watching the children work in the garden coming up with their own solutions to many different things from weeding, planting, composting, and now science projects.  This is where learning begins, the real learning.  Hands on learning, real life learning.  The children learn to work with each other and usually ask to tackle the tasks that most interest them.  Alice Waters from the Edible Schoolyard talks about the importance of children learning through the use of their senses and also the importance of reconnecting back with the earth, the soil and understanding that.  I couldn’t agree more.  As science projects ideas continue to emerge I can only smile at the children that are attempting to extract methane from compost, collect water samples to test for Barium, make soil fuel cells, and to figure out how to capture particulates in the air and make the air cleaner.  Will they all work?  Will they all succeed in their science projects?  I think regardless of the outcomes these children will discover their gifts and become something even more great in due time as long as we don’t keep telling them, “Be quiet and sit down.”

As I say in the garden, “Come watch us GROW!” What about you?

Mr. Hank


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