Garden Update March 2013

The Law of Attraction says if you put negative thoughts into your head and think of negative things then negative things will happen to you.  Whatever is happening in your mind is what you are attracting.  Now, people today want more and more and more but when does it stop and when do you become “Happy?”  Yes, if you follow the Law of Attraction and put out a signal that you want an abundance of money and love you are suppose to get that right?  Well, that is what all this is about.  There is no bias and this is always working.  However people have to understand the side of that and when it becomes greed or selfish.


In many countries people don’t even have jobs or a home larger than 1 bedroom.  No Starbucks drive-thru, and no monstrous SUV’s.  They have simplicity, gratefulness, and happiness.  Why?  How?  How is this possible?  This is why relationships in this country fail at alarming rates.  Divorce is at an all time high. People are bailing on their 3,000 square foot homes’ and relationships as if they can just run down the street and get another one or maybe believe it is greener on the other side.  However, what does this teach your children?  What does this show about you?  Where is the integrity, hard work, the grit, the gratefulness?


Are we all about instant gratification and what the money buys us?  Are we all about what we have when it comes to the new I-Phone 5, or the $90 shades and $100,000 a year job that serves no purpose other than it is just a job.  What is your purpose?  Do you know and are you serving it?  Do you live from your heart?


What can you do right now to turn your life around?  I know someone who said she was writing a list of what she was grateful for one night and she needed to but does she still write it everyday?  I carry a grateful rock in my front pocket and try to remind myself of all things I need to be grateful for daily and night but do I?  Sometimes I admit I say it as if it is routine and that is not the way to be grateful.  Be grateful for what you have or had and your life will be amazing, from your heart.  It may not be perfect and come with all the money and toys that you may want but does that all matter and can you take that with you when you pass on anyway?  No! So be grateful for the people and things you have NOW and maybe realize it is not oh so bad.


Like attracts like!!  Feelings are good or bad but the guilt and the anger you create are things only you can control.  Go out to your garden and spend a few hours weeding and planting and take in the fresh air.  Take a hike up Elfin Forest or one of the many local trails.  Head over to the beach and sit with a book and watch the sunset.  Take it all in and just feel how great that is.  Feel the love that is around you, feel the love that was there, feel the love that you know loves you, and feel the love that is there in the universe.  Feel good and feel happy so you can love.  If you can’t feel happy you can’t love.  Take the smallest things in your life that was good and build on that.  If it was as simple as making dinner and having wine with your partner realize that is happy and good feelings.  Your life will change if you can take the simplest things you have or have had and you will realize how wonderful life is and can be.


So, recently when I read one of my favorite sites The Daily Love. Mastin and Jenna were in Bali and they were blown away with how grateful everyone in that country was for the things they have.  They were blown away that when they say the food was amazing the people were so honored that you were enjoying their food.  People there just want to share the joy of living happy and 1 day a week put aside all electronics and other distractions to reconnect with their devotion to their land.  Are you kidding me?  Imagine if we did that here in this country or even here in Encinitas?  Imagine if we took one day a week just to reflect or took time for devotion to our loved ones or someone you are in a relationship with, or even just yourself.


Well, as I say down in the garden, “Come watch us GROW! What about you?”


Mr. Hank



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