Garden Update Superbowl Sunday 2013

So I wrote this last weekend and it was doing something that most people were not used to here in San Diego…….Raining.   Oh my accidents were everywhere.  C’mon this is getting a tad old folks.  I mean every time we get rain we get backed up highways, flash flooding, polluted oceans, accidents, you name it.  Now of course the show must still go on and we had the Farmers Insurance Open happening, the Carlsbad half and full marathon, a newly born panda at the zoo, and of course our gardens.

We teach our children that if they put their finger in the light socket you will get shocked and after the first time our child tries it zap.  Never again.  We teach our children if you touch a hot pan when hot you get burned, and again what happens when our children touches a hot pan?  You guessed it right.  So you are starting to see the pattern here folks, right?  So how come here in San Diego when we get rain in the forecast and it becomes mayhem?  I say just leave a little earlier, drive a little slower, and get prepared for anything.

The best about the rain when it does happen simply is our gardens get watered, naturally.  I know almost a rarity here in this part of the country, however if you are growing your own food or have flower gardens you have to be smiling right now or were.  We were able to turn the timers off for those few days and let our skies empty out and take care of the rest.

So what happens next, I ask? Did you learn how to prepare for the rain?  Did you leave a little earlier than normal?  Did you clean out the gutters over the garage and house?  Did you set up a rain barrel?  Do you go back to the same routine after the rain is gone and just water as scheduled?  Well, you may not have to if you were able to collect some of that commodity called rain.  That’s right, I say collect.  Rain water collection barrels are easy to hook up and easy to fill up when we get some rain and a great way of putting a natural resource aside for future use and cut down on your water bill at the same time.

A collector could be as simple as a plastic trash can with a lid you buy at Home Depot or as elaborate as clay colored collectors you get from places like Rainy Thanks in San Diego. Whatever your choice happens to be the idea is the same, and that is to collect rain and harvest the water when we have none.  Sounds like a plan doesn’t it?

Now a few great things that come from homes that collect rain water are pretty evident.  Obviously you save on your water bill over the next several months by using what you collected from the storm and then use for watering your gardens.  However, the biggest plus I find is that we keep all this extra water from running down our streets washing the oils and other pollutants into the storm drains making your next surf session an ill one.  The rain barrel collectors have become easy to attach and use and so decorative that you would not even notice it at the corner of your house or garage, especially the ones you could plant on top of.

I ask why are we not preparing our newer communities with rain collectors for each home, and why are we not putting more emphasis in offering residents classes or rain barrels in order to help negate some of the earlier things I mentioned.  Are we still acting like the child that still hasn’t learned from putting your finger in the socket?  I hope not.  At our schools we are installing these clay barrels to show our students how resourceful we all can be. I thank Leucadia Waste Water District for a grant to complete this project.   I am also stoked that our second graders have picked this topic for their science fair projects and that a few sixth graders will act as mentors during the project.  It just goes to show why our children are the future.

There are many places you can learn about this on the internet and also here in north countySan Diego and  you can visit the SolanaCenter in Encinitas for a schedule of when classes are held.

As I say in the garden, “Come watch us GROW!” What about you?

Mr. Hank


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