Kids Vote Day 2017 – The Results Are In

Kids Vote Day was a great success! Thank you to PTA President Kelly Burris DaSilva and all of the other volunteers for putting on such an awesome event, and of course thanks to our wonderful students who approached their “civic duty” with engaged and open minds!

The final tallies are as follows –

Reward for $100 in Jog-a-thon Donations (between water bottle and beanie):
Water Bottle

Yearbook Title:
PEC Power won with 306 votes, but Let the Magic Begin was very close with 276 votes.

Favorite Beach:
Moonlight took the honors again with 270 votes and 2nd favorite beach was Beacons’ with 183 votes.

Hot Lunch Favorites (students were asked to select 2):
Pizza with 224 votes
Orange chicken with 168
Hamburger/cheeseburger 146
Salad Bar 66
Cheesy Raviolis 60
Fish Tacos 33

Favorite Digital App on Ipad:
ST Math was far and away the favorite with 334 votes. Explain Everything was 2nd with 76 and then TenMarks and Clever were practically tied at 45 and 46.

For Playground Walls Makeover:
#2 and #4 won.

handball walls #4
handball walls #2

Our Partners

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