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We have a special sense of community at PEC, and it is the result of diverse and dynamic people– teachers, staff, students, and parents– coming together. Here are some ways you can get involved and be part of the PEC community.

JOIN THE PTA:  The PTA partners with the principal, teachers, and staff to support educational and social programs. The PTA raises money, organizes events, and helps improve the general well-being of our school.  The PTA is also, itself, a diverse group of people…. so, join us!  Signing up is easy – click here to join!

VOLUNTEER:  Get involved in your child’s education by volunteering at school for in-class and out-of-school time activities. Share your ideas and expertise, join a committee, write a grant, and participate in fundraising efforts. Any skills you have can be used to benefit out school. And, just an hour of your time can make difference for our children. Click here to sign up for various volunteer opportunities!

STAY CONNECTED AND INFORMED:  Sign up for and read the weekly newsletter, ‘The PEC Splash’, attend the bi-monthly PTA meetings, and follow us on InstagramFacebook, Twitter.

PARTICIPATE IN OUR FUNDRAISERS:   Fundraising is a vital component of the PTA, as many of our programs are not supported by public funding.  Art, Science, Garden Lab, PE, and Music cost more than $250 per student, per year and are funded by PTA. View our fundraising pages to learn how to get involved in raising money to support these special programs and more at our school.

Welcome to the PEC Community and thanks for exploring our website.