Art Program

3rd grade-EncinitasPaul Ecke Central’s Art Literacy Program was created in 1995 by an alumni parent, fully funded by our PTA, and is currently taught as part of each grade level’s Rotation day. Students are encouraged to explore many art techniques and ideas, which challenge them intellectually, technically and creatively.

Aligned with the K-6 grade curriculum, lessons are taught weekly in each classroom. The success of this program is designed around the artistic process over time, not the completion of ‘perfect’ works of art. Considering our ever-changing world, this constantly evolving program demonstrates to students that they can, and do, change their lives through the process of art. Learning art vocabulary bridges all school subject boundaries and students are able to incorporate these ideas into science, social studies, mathematics, etc.

The Art Literacy Program’s mission is to offer students an opportunity to explore great artists, other cultures, and art history as it relates to their own lives today. Our aim is to expose students to projects and discussions, while assisting them in achieving greater success in all aspects of their educational experience and their lives.

Art Contacts

For Scheduling Questions contact Laurie Switzer, Art Literacy Volunteer

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