EUSD One to One Digital Learning Program​​

Through the support of the community by the passage of Prop P in 2010, the Encinitas Union School District has created a program that maximizes the use of technology to increase students’ engagement in their learning, while providing real time formative and summative data on student performance to teachers. Starting in 2013 the district has adopted digital curriculum in Math, Language Arts and Science that will provide a deeper connection to their learning and a bridge to the National Common Core Standards being adopted this year in the district.

Learn more by going to the EUSD site for a parent & student orientation video by clicking here.

Here are some clarifying points on the e 1:1 Device Insurance from Assistant Superintendent Educational Services, Leighangela Brady, Ed.D:

1. If a student accidentally breaks a device at school under our supervision, we cover it.

2. If a student willfully or maliciously damages a device at school or at home, the parent is charged. Insurance does not cover this.

3. If a student accidentally breaks a device at home under parent supervision, the parent is charged. This is where the insurance comes in handy.

4. Insurance does not cover lost or stolen devices. If a device is lost or stolen at school, we will need to make a determination on a case by case basis if it was our negligence or the child’s.

5. If a parent does not want insurance or refuses to opt out and assume liability, the iPad stays at school. Students can use web access for any assignments on another device at home. Log in information will be on the parent brief being sent out next week. Teachers will need to make accommodations for any assignments given to students who cannot access programs or devices at home for any reasons.