PEC Scrabble League off to a great start

Mondays after school passers by the Paul Ecke Central’s Library can hear the happy hum of teams of children making triple word scores at PEC’s first ever Scrabble League. Sponsored by the PEC PTA, the PEC Scrabble League is free to all participants and helps students work on language and math skills while having fun playing scrabble.

The PEC Scrabble League is off to a great start with 34 children signed up for the English or Spanish teams. Mr. Nerel Winter leads the Spanish team with 8 students from the Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Program, while Mrs. Jennifer Pirazzini facilitates the English language teams. Students not only build confidence in their language skills, but enjoy extra time to socialize and be with friends.

This first session runs through December, and is currently at capacity. Round Two will kick off in January, when new students are encouraged to join.

PTA-sponsored enrichments follow the same session dates as other after school programs, but are run by volunteers and are funded by the PEC PTA, making them more accessible to all PEC students. Please contact Chris Ryan ( if you would like volunteer to help the PEC Scrabble League or lead any one of the exciting after school enrichments planned for the spring like Math 24.

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