Volunteer Event Coordinator Interest Sign Up

If you are interested in any of the positions below, please send an email to info@pauleckecentral.com.  This year, we are implementing co-coordinators for each position, one person from grades K-3 and one person from 4-6.  More than two people can lead an event or program.  There is safety in numbers or as my elementary school teacher would say, “Many hands make light work”.

If you are interested in contributing to an event, but don’t want to be a co-coordinator, please email pecvolunteerteam@pauleckecentral.com and we will add your name to the soon to be posted volunteer event site.

Speaking from a personal perspective(Kelly DaSilva, VP of Communication), I 100% recommend signing up to be a coordinator or a contributor to an event.  I truly got more than I gave last year when I volunteered.  It was amazing.

Event/Progam/Role Upper Grade 2016-17 Co-Coordinator Lower Grade 2016-17 Co-Coordinator Names of 2015-16 Coordinator/s
Fall Social(Completed) Kristen Pruett/Moose Mau Roz Light
Red Ribbon Week(Completed) Lisa Spencer Regina Ignon
Hospitality Rebecca Conley
Volunteer Coordinator Laurie Switzer Kelly DaSilva
Track Meet Kristen Williard
California Days Christina Pyka
Traffic and Safety Committee Tasha Boerner
Marquee - English Serena Milne Serena Milne
Marquee - Spanish Rosa Amaya Gladys Cruz
Social Media Andi Murray/Mary Mau Laurie Switzer Andi
Kindergarten Liasion Chris Andrade
Pancake Breakfast Tricia Neill
Fiesta Talent Show Kristen Pruett
Sock Hop/Dance Mr. Jake
Civic Engagement - Kids Vote Day Kelly DaSilva N/A
Book Swap Sheila?
Book Fair Sheila
Community Service Danielle
6th Grade Promotion Lisa Spencer Kelly DaSilva/Mary Mau/Krista Garcia
EEF Representative
Jog-A-Thon Kristen Williard
Running Club Easy and Amy Spears Easy and Amy Spears
SpiritWear Amy Spears Amy Spears
Reflections Becky
Math24 Tracy Hicks and Richard MacDonald
Original Works Kelly DaSilva
Nighttime Fundraiser Liza Suh Rebecca Kay/?
Ability Awareness Week
Awards & Recognition
Thank you Committee
Grandparents' Day Kelson Splavec
Room Parent Coordinator Krista Garcia Krista Garcia
6th Grade Camp
6th Grade Encinitas Parade Float
Scrabble Jennifer Pirazzini/Mr. Winter
Grant Writer Katherine DeLong