Vote Day – Tuesday, November 13th

Moved to Tuesday, November 13

We need volunteers. Please give an hour of your time for this awesome event! Click here to help. Thank you!

Vote Day Goals

  • Kids come away with the understanding that they can vote at the age of 18
  • Kids understand that they must register to vote
  • Have fun!

Vote Questions

  • Our vote questions will be apolitical – our goal is to educate the kids about the voting process. The questions will range from selecting a favorite things (e.g., beach, hot lunch menu item, etc.) and others will involve decisions that the kids can make regarding school (last year the students selected new backboard art designs and jog–thon prize). Then, the kids can see their decisions put into action.
  • Election results will be announced at the end of Election day. We will also be publicizing the vote questions so that kids know what they will be voting on.
  • Check out this year’s ballot here.

Our Partners

FarmersMarket-300x194 Come to the Leucadia Farmers Market Every Sunday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm on the PEC campus. Proceeds benefit Paul Ecke Central PTA and Leucadia 101 Main Street. Come see what’s new!

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